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Welcome to the Edmonds Marsh
Explore the Edmonds Marsh through a collection of videos, photo montages, and essays. You’ll get to know the local flora and fauna found in the Marsh throughout the seasons, and see how our local high school students are contributing to our understanding of the Marsh today.

A Marsh Through Time
Did you know that almost all of Edmonds’ waterfront was once a large tidal marsh?And that  the Coast Salish Peoples had a fishing village where the Edmonds Marina is today?   And that we still have a beautiful piece of that marsh right in downtown Edmonds?  Dive in for more with A Marsh Through Time.

Kids’ Corner
Come and explore the unusual and surprising world of birds!
We’ve put together some of our favorite links to help you learn more about birds. You will gain information from the Audubon Society, Cornell University, and educational websites, discover books about birds, hear stories about crows, be able to download coloring pages, create birds through crafts, and even find out about the little bones in owl pellets.

People’s Choice Photo Exhibition and Contest - vote for your favorite!
We sent a call out to Puget Sound photographers to give us their ‘best shot’ for the Puget Sound Bird Fest Photo Exhibition. Both amateur and professional photographers were invited to participate. Photos had to be of bird species typically found in the Puget Sound region, and be submitted in either the adult (18+) or youth category. The Adult contest winner will receive a pair of Olympus 8x43 Pro Binoculars donated by Olympus Corporation of America and the Youth contest winner will receive a one year subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan, donated by Adobe. Voting starts August 29th (check back here for the link then!), and continues through midnight Saturday, September 12th. 

#Black Birders Week
Puget Sound Bird Fest welcomes all participants who love and want to learn about birds. Learn about #BlackBirdersWeek and addressing racism in birding and outdoor recreation. We will be providing links to conversations and resources to highlight the conversation started by #BlackBirdersWeek in May 2020. Watch both episodes of Birding While Black, candid conversations with young Black birdwatchers to hear their stories of discovering birds and their unique experiences of birding while Black in America. Explore the articles and social media accounts to follow for additional perspectives and actions. 

Bev thumbnailAccessible Yost Park Virtual Guided Walk
Join Master Birder Bev Bowe for a virtual guided walk along the paved service road and gently sloped paths of Yost Park. Yost Park provides habitat for numerous species of resident and migratory birds including Barred Owls, Cooper’s Hawks, Pileated Woodpeckers, Chickadees, Pacific Wrens, and a variety of other forest birds. Learn the best places to find these and other species throughout the year in this pre-recorded video tour featuring stunning photography and sounds from Cornell University.

Meet the Birds
We’ve created a video featuring closeup photos of some of Yost Park’s resident Barred Owls as they raised two owlets this year. Follow their antics as the chicks grow from fluffy owlets to adulthood and all the stages in between. You’ll also have a chance to meet the Sarvey raptors through a selection of curated videos from their online collection.




10:30 – 11:30am  Keynote Presentation: Something to Crow About, by Kaeli Swift

Kaeli Swift Headshot REDUCEDCrows and ravens are found on nearly every continent where they routinely infiltrate the hearts and minds of the humans who share their space.  Dr. Swift will discuss some of the general aspects about crows that contribute to our affinity (and sometimes hatred) for them, with a particular emphasis on concepts that are the most frequent questions people have about crows including play, tool use, communal roosting, and funerals. 
About Dr. Swift
From the time she was a young child, Dr. Swift has always loved wildlife—especially birds—and asking questions about animal behavior and cognition. As an undergrad at Willamette University, she discovered that crows and other corvids offered the perfect marriage of these interests, and she has been hooked on them ever since.  As a masters and doctoral student at the University of Washington, she dedicated herself to understanding what American crows do in response to dead crows, as well as what adaptive motivations might drive their response. Her graduate research included both field-based projects observing wild crows, and non-invasive/non-lethal functional imaging studies aimed at understanding what was going on in the crow brain during these experiences. After graduating, she spent a year as a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Washington studying the foraging behaviors of Canada jays in Denali National Park.  She has been a lecturer in the UW's School of Environmental and Forest Sciences, where she taught ornithology, conservation, and wildlife ecology.  You can read her popular science articles on her blog, corvidresearch.blog.  You can also find her on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook at the @corvidresearch handle.  Video, audio, and print reports of her research have been featured by: National Geographic, PBS, the New York Times, The Atlantic, Ologies podcast, Science Friday and many others.

Noon – 1pm  Birding is for everyone!  How to get started by Whitney Neufeld-Kaiser
Birds are for everyone, and they are everywhere!  They live and love in cities and suburbs, in parks, and along shorelines - all places where people are, too.  If you’ve gotten curious about the birds around you and want to learn more, how do you get started?  Where do you go?  What does it mean to “go birding?”  Should you go alone or with a small group?  Do you actually need to “go” very far? Join Whitney Neufeld-Kaiser, Seattle Audubon and Pilchuck Audubon volunteer teacher and long-time birder for a fun, interactive session that will answer these questions and more.  Whitney will highlight resources to help you plan excursions, to get outside, enjoying birds. Whitney will also touch on strategies on how to go from “Duck” to “Gadwall,” though bird ID won’t be her focus. Whitney Neufeld-Kaiser is a Master Birder and volunteer teacher for Seattle Audubon and Pilchuck Audubon.  She's lived in Seattle for over 25 years and has been a birder for 20 of those.  Whitney spends her weekdays working in a genetics lab at the University of Washington and tries very hard to spend at least part of her evenings and weekends listening to, observing, and being with birds.

1:30-2:30pm  Community Science Presentations, Chaired by Alan Mearns
Find out what’s happening with birds in our region. Leaders from three community science projects will present 20-minute talks addressing the purpose of their project, how citizens have been involved, what they are learning about the status and trends of our bird life.

Presentations include:
Avian Habitat Use Monitoring at the Edmonds Marsh: The Trials and Tribulations of Bird Research during a Pandemic by Scott Markowitz, Puget Sound Bird Observatory.
Ups and Downs of Birds During Nearly Four Decades of The Edmonds Christmas Bird Count by Rick Taylor, Christmas Bird Count Compiler, Pilchuck Audubon Society.
Longterm Changes in Feeder Watch Birds at an Edmonds Residence: What Happened to Some Common Species? by Alan Mearns, Ecologist and Edmonds Resident.

Top Tips for Better Bird Photography, by Steve Ball
Trying to take your bird photography up a notch? We will review the top tips in order to improve your images. Some technical tips, some on composition and also behaviors to look for. The goal is to give you more tools to help get you better bird photos. Steve Ball is a long time photographer and former Olympus America sales representative, now a member of the Olympus Educators group. After moving to the Pacific Northwest in 2012 he fell in love with the local birds and bird photography. 



advice 5c10-11am  Virtual Birders’ HelpDesk
Pilchuck Audubon, Seattle Audubon
Is there a bird in your yard that you haven’t been able to identify? Or one you frequently hear singing but can’t figure out who’s making the lovely sound? Or perhaps you’re just wanting some information on where to go birding or find certain birds? Then the Birders’ HelpDesk is here for you! Join volunteers from Pilchuck Audubon and Seattle Audubon at the Birders’ HelpDesk and pose your questions to a panel of knowledgeable birders who are ready to field your questions about anything birdy. Our panelists will be available on a Zoom video call for an hour to answer any questions you might have about bird identification, birding locations, where to find birds, how to attract birds to your yard, and more!

2-3pm  Digiscoping Basics made Easy, by Jeff Bouton 
in partnership with Seattle Audubon
PLEASE REGISTER FOR THIS ACTIVITY ON THE KOWA WEBSITE https://kowa.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_DT8-4EQmRBKcw8oK1tFrfQ

Digiscoping allows photographers to capture incredible wildlife imagery & video footage using the high magnification of a spotting scope with some form of digital imaging device; in its simplest and most commonly practiced form, using your smart phone. None of these devices were designed to work together seamlessly, but many optics manufacturers and some digiscoping pioneers have learned how to make this practice simple and extremely effective. Jeff Bouton with Kowa Sporting Optics has been digiscoping for the past 20 years and has had images published in Outdoor Photographer, PC Photographer, Birding, Birder's World (now Birdwatching), Bird Watcher's Digest, and Wild Bird magazines. He beleives EVERYONE can achieve superb digiscoping results by learning a few simple tricks and understanding how to recognize & correct simple errors. In this webinar Jeff will show you all the mistakes he's already made and show you how to correct these to maximize your results. Join us for this fun event and learn to be a better digiscoper. 

Native Plant Sale at the Wildlife Habitat Native Plant Demonstration Garden
We're sorry but this event has been cancelled due to concerns regarding COVID-19. 

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Steering Committee

The Puget Sound Bird Fest Steering Committee is composed of the following members of the community and City of Edmonds staff:

Cindi Cruz - City of Edmonds, Community Services & Economic Development
Jennifer Leach - Environmental Education & Sustainability Coordinator, City of Edmonds
Susie Schaefer - Program Chair, Pilchuck Audubon Society

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